Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portable Team Viewer 6 - Remote Desktop

Team Viewer 6 - 2.92mb

Team Viewer version 6 is an application from which you can easily connect remotely to other computer via internet connection. Its so easy that you only have to write his user name password and your start to control there pc. Its best software for sharing your desktop. try it free.

Download TeamViewer_Setup.rar from FileFactory.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portable Nokia PC Suite - Nokia Connecting People

Nokia PC Suite - 32.16mb

Nokia Pc Suite is an application from which you can connect almost any Nokia mobile to your Pc and download from mobile to Computer or Computer to mobile.

Download Nokia PC Suite.rar

Portable MiniTool Power Data Recover 6.01 ( Crack File Included )

Mini Tool Power Data Recover 6.01 - 5.33mb

Minitool Power Data Recover version 6.01with crack is an application from which your can easily recover deleted files and recover damage data files(folders) its very user friendly try it.

Download MiniTool Power Data Recover 6.01

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Portable Zoom Player 4.03

Zoom Player 4.03 - 1.14mb

Zoom Player 4.03 is a very simple multimedia software, It includes drivers which gives very clear video experince. Zoom Player supports lots of formats. avi, mpeg, mp3, mp4 are some of them. try it.

Download Zoom Player 4.03 WMV.rar

Portable Winamp 5.20 Pro

WinAmp 5.20 pro - 5.98mb

WINAMP version 5.20 Professional is a multimedia player which plays nearly every media format. It light weight makes it more apealing. Its easy to use and this pro version has build in bass and melody.here is a free link.

Download WinAmp 5.20 Pro.rar

Portable Web Copier ver 4.3

Web Copier 4.3 - 1.99mb

Web Copier 4.3 is an application from which you can easily copy complete website. Its a complete mirroring website software. Web copier is easy to use and had lots of option to copy. If you want to copy single page or whole website web copier works best.

Download WebCopier ver. 4.3 Retail.rar

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Portable VCD Cutter - Multimedia Player

VCD Cutter - 1.44mb

VCD Cutter is a multimedia player which supports lots of popular media formats avi,mpeg,mp3 etc and it capture any video file and cut it separately.try it its very useful.

Download VCD Cutter.rar

Portable Opera 9 - Internet Browser

Opera 9 - 4.13mb

Opera 9 is a great internet browser from which you can access internet fast and smooth.it has pre-installed  flash plugin and very simple to use.download link available.

Download Opera 9.rar

Portable mIRC 5.9 - Chatting software

mIRC 5.9 - 1.02mb

mIRC 5.9 is an application from which you can start chatting is minutes its easy to get started and find lots of people local and international. Here is a download link..

Download mIRC 5.9t.rar

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portable Macromedia Flash 6

Macromedia Flash 6 - 19.79mb

Macromedia Flash 6 is Advance version of flash 5 it has more feature, like you can add videos to your flash movie and more here is a link.

Download Macromedia Flash 6.0.rar

Portable Macromedia Flash 5

Macromedia Flash 5 - 17.93mb

Macromedia Flash 5 is a software for website,games design etc. I know this version is old but i found it best amoung all it has very basic features and are easy to understand. Flash 5 is good for beginners.download it here.

Download Macromedia Flash5.rar

Portable Intelligent Computer Chatter - Entertainment

Intelligent Computer Chatter - 8.11mb

Intelligent Computer Chatter is an Entertainment application. The computer gives to answers of your questions its for fun try it.

Download intelligient computer chater.rar

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Portable Gozilla version 4.1 - Download Manager

Gozilla 4.1 - 2.79mb

Gozilla 4.1 is Download manager application. It can download all types of files from internet and this software is user friendly try it.

Download GoZilla 4.1.rar

Portable Google earth Pro 4.1

Google earth Pro 4.1 - 18.74mb

Google earth Pro 4.1 let you in the real map of the world it has much more features from previous versions and its light weight. Here is link

Download Google Earth Pro 4.1.7087.rar

Portable Get Right 4.5 - Download Manager

Get Right 4.5 - 1.83mb

Get Right is a Download manager software. It boost your download experience try it.

Download GetRight 4.5b6.rar

Portable Dupe Free Pro

Dupe free Pro - 325.83kb

Dupe Free Pro is a software in which you can check duplicate content online and from this software you can compare two different content its very useful in article writting download link available

Download DupeFreeProInstallation.rar

Monday, November 15, 2010

Portable Div X mpeg 4 - Complete Library

Div X Mpeg 4 - 5.55mb

Div X mpeg 4 its complete library full version. Download it here for free.

Download Div-X MPEG-4 Complete Video Library.rar

Portable Capture Webcam ver 2.03

Capture Webcam 2.03 - 1.45mb

Capture Webcam 2.03 is a software which saves webcam video and this software is so simple download it for free.

Download Capture Webcam 2.03.rar

Portable Blue Voda website builder 9.22

Blue Voda Website Builder 9.22 - 2.96mb

Blue voda website builder version 9.22 create your webpage in no time and you can optimize your pages from this software, Its very easy to develop webpages with the help of blue voda do try it here link.

Download BlueVoda Website Builder 9.22 Setup.rar

Portable Norton Antivirus 2002

Norton Antivirus - 25.38mb

Norton Antivirus 2002 has best features and its stats are easy to understand download full version here

Download Norton AntiVirus 2002.rar

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Portable Download Accelator plus 5.0.

Download Accelerator plus 5.0 is an application in which you can download software from internet it is very useful when internet disconnects during downloads it starts downloading from where its left. here is a link below.

Download Download Accelerator Plus v5.0.02.rar

Portable ACDSee Version 8.0.67 - Complete

ACDSee ver 8.0 - 23.29mb

ACDSee V8.0.67 Full version is photo manager with best features it has photo management capabilities download it here for free.

Download ACDSee 8.0.67 PRO.rar

Portable Power DVD version 6.0

Power DVD 6.0 - 16.87mb

Power DVD 6.0 deluxe version is a software this is easy to use and flexible interface, well-thought & light weight.

Download Power DVD 6.01102.rar

Portable Cowon Jet Audio 6.3 - Multimedia Player

Cowon Jet Audio -14.73mb

Jet Audio 6.3 has lots of  features and its best All in One multimedia player. Jet Audio has a nice look and its user friendly download it here for free.

Download Cowon Jet Audio 6.3.rar