Saturday, January 28, 2012

Portable Comment Blaster - Comment Blaster 1.5 version

Portable Comment Blaster 1.5 full version - 274 kb

Portable Comment Blaster is a software which is very useful for seo purpose. it can generate thousands of backlinks for your site and increase your search engine visibility. following is a tutorial of how to use it.

 -  Select ->With Page Rank:
 - An input box will appear and you can enter either one of the following
 - A fixed page rank. If you enter a numeric value like 4, then urls with page rank 4 are selected and others are deselected.
  - < X or > X, where X = 0 to 9 only. Its obvious. If you want to select urls with pagerank less than 5 then enter <5 or if you want to select urls with PR greater than 6 then enter >6. (Remember! no spaces.)
Range (X-Y). If you want to select urls with pagerank between 3 and 7 then enter 3-7. Again no spaces.

Click on the link below for free download.