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7 Days To $100 A Day Passive Income Action Plan

Here are some steps you can take for the next 7 days that will result in your first $100 day!

In order to get the best results, make sure to complete each action step daily and don't skip any days because this action plan works best when you follow it exactly as it is.

There are no guarantees that you will make $100 in 7 days (I'm not God or a magician), but what I can tell you is that I used these same steps to make my first $300 in commissions online and it only takes you 7 days to set yourself up to make that kind of money and much more.

Day 1
Today you need to pick a profitable niche/market that consists of a targeted audience that is actively spending money right now.
Your job is to simply position yourself in such a way that people will be ready and willing to give you money in exchange for the solutions to their problems.

So, you might be thinking, how do you choose a profitable niche?

Well, first I recommend you go to and check out the Clickbank marketplace.

In the clickbank marketplace you will find lots of categories that have are proven to be profitable.

Look at the various categories and choose 3 categories that you find interesting while also having multiple products available to promote as an affiliate.

If a category has multiple products available to be promoted then that is an indicator that the niche is profitable.

Also, check to see if the products have a decent gravity figure.
For example if a product has a gravity of 100 then that tells you that a lot of affiliates are successfully promoting the product.

If the gravity for a product is only 5 then it shows that there are some affiliates who are successfully promoting the product but there isn't a large amount.

Once you have chosen 3 categories you need to narrow it down to one based on how passionate you're about the subject and how much more profitable it may be in comparison to the other two categories you have chosen.

Next you want to choose a product that you would like to promote in your chosen category.

Check out the products sales pages, the commissions, and the gravity to help you choose the right product.
I usually choose a product that pays at least $20 in commission, has a gravity of 5 or higher, and has an excellent sales page that compels me to buy the product.

Once you have your niche and product to promote you will need a domain.

Choosing a domain can be as simple as your name ( or you can create a business name ( or you can combine your name with your business name (

You can get creative or keep it simple, but just make sure your domain is relevant to your niche.

I recommend you get your domain from or

If you're using you should be able to find discount coupons by doing a quick search on google for Godaddy coupon code.

Once your domain is purchased you will need to get a hosting account. I recommend Hostgator as a hosting provider. There are many other options but I've been using hostgator for over 5 years with no problems.

You will also need an autoresponder which is what you will use to build a list of email subscribers as well as send out automatic emails promoting the product you chose from

The autoresponder I recommend is Getresponse.

Lastly you will need to upload wordpress to your domain and point your nameservers on your domain towards your new hosting account

Here are some videos to help you setup your domain, hosting, autoresponder, as well as upload WordPress to your new domain:

(Check out the pdf to access the videos)

• Click Here To Watch Domain And Hosting Setup Video
• Click Here To Watch Autoresponder Setup Video
• Click Here To Watch Hosting And Uploading Wordpress To Domain Video

Day 2
Once you have Wordpress installed on your site, you need to upload a free/paid blog theme. You can search google for free wordpress blog theme or wordpress blog theme.

I use the default blog theme from Optimizepress and that gets the job done.

Once your blog theme is uploaded you can start making posts on your blog.

When it comes to creating content you need to address a problem, and provide a solution in an entertaining way.
People are tired of boring robotic content and they're looking for someone with charisma and a unique writing style.

So, this should give you the freedom to be yourself when you write your content. You don't need to use big words or try to sound professional. Just be yourself but make sure your content provides a solution to a problem.

You can check out my blog ( to get an understanding of how I deliver my content in my own unique manner.

I recommend you make a habit of writing one blog post per day. I also recommend you make sure your content is at least 400 words long.

You can find problems to address in your niche by searching relevant forums, blogs, and YouTube channels.

Iam not a big fan of going deep into SEO (search engine optimization) but if you'd like to get into that you might want to check out this course called (bring the fresh) which is all about SEO.

For now I recommend you focus on one main keyword in all your posts and sprinkle that keyword around your post without forcing it.

If you're not sure what keywords to use, I recommend you check out the google keyword tool. Search google keyword tool on and you will find the tool. You can use it to find tons of keywords that are relevant to your niche.

You can also see how many people are searching for your chosen keyword each month.

I use this tool when I want to know if people are actually searching for my chosen keyword on Google.
The best part about the Google keyword tool is it is free!

Day 3
Today you need to setup a YouTube channel. In addition to writing one blog post per day, you need to create 1 YouTube video per day. I recommend you do a video first, and then convert that video into an article which you can use for your blog.

Creating a YouTube channel is straightforward. Go to and click the sign-in button. Follow the steps to create a new account.

Create a YouTube name similar to your blog domain name and make sure your YouTube channel is congruent with your blogs theme.

The plan here is to build a brand. Your blog and your YouTube channel are bases/platforms that will allow you to update your viewers with new content.

Once your YouTube channel is created you can create your first YouTube video.

Your videos don't need to be the world's most professional videos, you just need to provide a solution to a problem in your video.
I recommend you make your videos 5-10 minutes in duration (no longer). Most people won't watch your video all the way through so don't make the video too long or else nobody will ever see your call-to-action.

Here is an example of my YouTube videos:

(Check out the pdf to access the links to my YouTube channels)

Click Here To Check Out Vertical Jump Prime

Click Here To Check Out Fearless Boss

I recommend you use my videos as a model for your videos.
I start my videos by introducing myself and the topic, and then I go straight into providing a solution to a problem.

I end the video with a call-to-action. A call-to-action is basically a statement telling the viewer what steps he/she needs to make.

You need to send viewers to your blog, but later on once we setup a squeeze page, we will be sending people to your squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a webpage where you collect emails in exchange for a free gift. So, the idea is for you to give away a free gift and the viewer will enter his/her email to receive it.

Day 4
Creating a YouTube video is actually a pretty simple process. Nowadays, you can create a quick YouTube video using your smartphone.

If you don’t want to have your face on the video then you can do slideshow presentations.

You can use powerpoint and create a 5-slide presentation where you introduce your topic, give 3 points, and end with a call-to-action.

In the videos on my channels you will see how simple my powerpoint presentations are, but the content is top-notch.
You don’t need to have the fanciest presentation, you just need to make sure your content is amazing and you need to let your personality shine through.

Like I said earlier, you can use my videos as a model for your videos. It shouldn't take you more than 15-30 minutes to research, outline your video, and record it.

Once the video is done you can upload it to your YouTube channel.

When I upload a video to YouTube I make sure to choose a compelling title with my main keyword in the title.

So for example, if Iam creating a video about how to make money online, my keyword would be how to make money online, and my title would be something like, How To Make Money Online In The Next 24 Hours or How To Make Money Online With No Investment.

Those are two headlines that will attract clicks, but the important thing is to make sure your headline isn't misleading.

If your headline says, how To Make Millions Online, you need to make sure your content actually shows people how to make millions online.

However, if you've yet to make your first $100 online you probably don't want to be giving advice to people on how to make millions.
After the title I add a short description about the video with a call-to-action to check out my website.

Here is an example video where I have a short description with a call-to-action: Click Here To Check Out The Video

(Check out the pdf to access the video above)

Your call-to-action will be to send people to your blog where you can post a written version of your video.

However, if you want to actually make money from your efforts I recommend you send people to a squeeze page.

Lastly, to help you boost your video rankings, I recommend you send some social bookmarking links to your videos by hiring people on Fiverr to do it for you.

You can find people on that will send hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to your videos for $5. You can also hire people to send high retention views to your videos.

High retention views (views from people who watch a large duration of your video as opposed to just watching a few seconds) in combination with social bookmarking links will give your video a significant boost in the search rankings.

If you have the budget to spend $10 on backlinks and high retention views then great, if not then you can do manual backlinks. You can use the website to get some social bookmarking links for free.

On Day 5 we will be creating a squeeze page and a free giveaway video.

Day 5
Today we will be creating a squeeze page and a free giveaway video. You can create a video or a short pdf, but a video is easier to create and may actually convert better because YouTube viewers are normally more interested in watching videos then reading reports for the most part.

So, in order to create your free giveaway video, you need to figure out what is a valuable solution you can give away for free that people would actually be willing to pay for.

The idea is to make your free giveaway irresistible.

Just imagine if somebody was offering a Ferrari for free. It would be literally insane for someone to pass up on an opportunity like that.

So, for example, on my Vertical Jump Prime channel I gave away a free report explaining to people how to add instant inches to their vertical jump. That is an extremely attractive headline and most people who are interested in increasing their vertical jump would be willing to pay for that information.

I also had another free giveaway report where I revealed the training secrets of the basketball elite.

So you need to create a squeeze page of your own. You can search for the term squeeze page on Google and you will find many examples of squeeze pages. You can also use my squeeze page as an example, In order to create a squeeze page you will need to upload a plugin to your wordpress site.

I recommend optimizepress, instabuilder, clickfunnels, or wp sales copy. There are many other plugins (free and paid) that you can use to create a squeeze page.

Create a squeeze page using the tutorial videos given to you by the plugin you’ve chosen and make sure to connect your squeeze page with your autoresponder.

Once your squeeze page is created you will need to create a thank you page.

On the thank-you page you can provide access to the free video or report, or you can send the free video or report to the subscriber’s email inbox.

Day 6
Today we’re going to be uploading 7 emails to your autoresponder. The emails will consist of free valuable content and promotional content.

Email 1 will go out on the day someone subscribes to your email list. This email will be a welcome email where you will introduce yourself and give the subscriber access to the free report/video he/she signed up for.

Email 2 will be an email where you either send your subscriber to a blog post or provide some valuable content directly in the email.

Email 3 will be a promotional email. In this email you will introduce a product that you recommend to help your subscribers solve a specific problem in the niche. Just introduce the product by explaining the benefits and how the product will help your subscribers solve a specific problem(s). End with a call-to-action to go directly to the product sales page (your affiliate link). I recommend you cloak your link with or

Email 4 will be another content email where you will send your viewers to either a blog post, a video, or you can insert solution-oriented content into the email directly.

Email 5 will be another email where you will promote the product you recommended in email 3. Explain why the product is great and then provide a link for your subscribers to check it out.

Email 6 will be an email where you ask your subscribers to ask you any question about your niche and you will respond back directly. This is optional. However this kind of email is a powerful relationship builder because it shows that you actually care about helping. If you dont want to this kind of email you can just send your subscribers to a blog post, a YouTube video, or provide them with valuable content directly in the email.

Email 7 will be your last promotion email for your affiliate product. Make sure to give your best effort to sell your subscribers on the benefits of the product and how the product will change their lives. End the email by giving them the link to check out the product.

Day 7
Today is the day when your system should be 100% completed. You should have a blog, a YouTube channel, a squeeze page, and a 7 autoresponder series.

Believe it or not, that simple system can lead to a six figure annual income. Of course that is not typical, but it is definitely achievable if you treat this like a business.

From this day on your focus should be on creating content (videos and blog posts) and directing your viewers to your squeeze page.

The idea is to get as many people on your email list as possible, but make sure you’re sending targeted visitors to your squeeze page. All of your content should be focused around a specific niche and all the problems you address should be specifically targeted to your niche audience.

I recommend you create 1 blog and 1 YouTube video every single day until you reach your desired income goal. Make sure to email your list every single time your release new content. This will keep your subscribers engaged as well as build your relationship with them.

I also recommend you add another 7 day email series to your autoresponder promoting another product that will help your subscribers solve their problems.

At some point you might he even want to provide your subscribers with your own products and services. Once you get to a point where you understand your niche and your niche audience very well, it would be wise to create your own ebook or video course and sell it for $7-$47. You will be surprised to find that a lot of people will buy your products and services because over time you would have built up a strong relationship with your subscribers by emailing them consistently and providing them with free content.

If you want to speed up your results you can invest in someone paid traffic. I recommend Facebook ads, banner ads, and solo ads. There are other forms of paid traffic but the 3 I recommend have been proven to be effective.

If you’re going to invest into Facebook ads make sure you watch Facebook’s tutorials and/or find some training to help you understand how to use Facebook advertising effectively.

I also recommend you send all paid traffic to a squeeze page. Therefore, you will get your visitors onto your email list where you can build a relationship with them and promote multiple products overtime.

Now go out there and make some money!
To your success,

P.S. If you need help applying the steps in this action plan, feel free to send me a private message.


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